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Hibikii LED Product Warranty

Hibikii LED warrants its LED products to be free from defects in material and workmanship and to operate from the date of installation (or date of manufacture if installation date is not known or available) for the time periods and subject to the terms and conditions specified as below.

Warranty does not cover any unit damaged by usage not in accordance with instruction of operation, installation not in accordance to installation manual & prevailing government regulation, abnormal voltage including use of private generator, Act of God, pests, normal wear & tear, corrosion, rusting & stain resulting from installation in abnormal environmental conditions, scratches on the lens, images “burned in” & detachable parts & accessories, transportation & handling charges incurred during the delivery of unit to & from our service centre, routine maintenance servicing & any consequential damages or losses arising from unit fault.

Warranty becomes void when the warranty seal is removed, defaced or altered, any unauthorized repairs & modification is carried out on the unit. Unit is used for commercial purposes other than its designed usage, on loan to other users, transfer of ownership & when the original approved warranty card cannot be produced.

Warranty is valid only in the event that the customer had purchased his/ her Hibikii LED products from any of the duly authorized distributor or dealers appointed by Hibikii Global Sdn Bhd, warranty card had been fully & properly filled up & endorsed by such a dealer by stamping its rubber stamp at the appropriate space provided.

Product returned to Hibikii LED must be accompanied by original invoice or receipt which is issued by the Hibikii LED or its authorised distributor or reseller. Any product returned without such supporting documents will be returned to sender at the original buyer’s expenses.

Request for replacement of defect products must be made within the warranty period from the date of purchased, buyer must advise the reason for the replacement request. All replacement requests are subject to Hibikii LED’s investigation to ensure the product is used under normal working environment and complies with Hibikii LED product warranty terms and conditions.