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Lioresal can make you dizzy or drowsy so avoid driving or use of any machinery after taking the medication.

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Information about Lioresal.

Prevention of abrupt discontinuation of intrathecal baclofen requires careful attention to programming and monitoring of the infusion systemrefill scheduling and proceduresand pump alarmsPatients and caregivers should be advised of the importance of keeping scheduled refill visits and should be educated on the early symptoms of baclofen withdrawal.

LIORESAL INTRATHECALbaclofen injectionis indicated for use in the management of severe spasticityPatients should first respond to a screening dose of intrathecal baclofen prior to consideration for long term infusion via an implantable pumpFor spasticity of spinal cord originchronic infusion of LIORESAL INTRATHECAL via an implantable pump should be reserved for patients unresponsive to oral baclofen therapyor those who experience intolerable CNS side effects at effective dosesPatients with spasticity due to traumatic brain injury should wait at least one year after the injury before consideration of long term intrathecal baclofen therapyLIORESAL INTRATHECAL is intended for use by the intrathecal route in single bolus test dosesvia spinal catheter or lumbar punctureandfor chronic useonly in implantable pumps approved by the FDA specifically for the administration of LIORESAL INTRATHECAL into the intrathecal space.

Precautions in special patient populationsCareful dose titration of LIORESAL INTRATHECAL is needed when spasticity is necessary to sustain upright posture and balance in locomotion or whenever Atarax 25 mg price spasticity is used to obtain optimal function and care.

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a the side effects of lioresal intrathecal can include drowsiness, lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, low blood pressure, headache, seizures, and loose muscles.