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Revolutionary LED Technology
Transform your space with Hibikii, through Hibikii’s revolutionary Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology that are small and compact yet still packs up a punch. The future of lighting is through Hibikii LED that powers up bright lightings at only a significantly small amount of electricity. Lasting 10 ~ 15 times more than the conventional lamps and bulbs, yet generated by low energy consumption and improved robustness, Hibikii’s LED Lighting products are exceptionally amazing.

Always ahead of the rest in quality and customer satisfaction, Hibikii brings to the table an extensive range of LED lighting to suit every usage, every whim, and every customer request. The miracle technology and Hibikii’s secret ingredient is the Compound of Ommatidia Light Distribution (C.O.L.D.) Technology that disperses the brightest lights whilst maintaining a cool operating temperature, thus lowering the usage and consumption of CFC powered air-conditionings.

Hibikii lights up the world, today and tomorrow.

C.O.L.D Technology
One thing that sets Hibikii LED apart from other competitors is its revolutionary miracle Compound of Ommatidia Light Distribution, better known as C.O.L.D. Technology. This enables the Hibikii LED Lighting to release an even brighter and even light dispersion whilst maintaining in a Cool Operating Temperature. In a directly parallel relationship to build towards a greener world, the C.O.L.D. Technology lowers the temperature of the premises and thus lowering the need to flowing more power and electricity for the air-conditioning to cool the perimeter.