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Modernes Business mit VDR new!

Modernes Business ist nicht nur ein System, die notwendigen Anzeichen von Zweckmäßigkeit, Integrität, Inkonsistenz und Aktivität besitzt. Unternehmen befinden sich ein intern geregeltes oder einander selbst regulierendes System. Unternehmer befinden sich nicht nur daran interessiert, direkt miteinander zu konkurrieren, sondern … more »

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NEW Arrival T8 LED Tube Series, Retail and Premium

Product T8 Tube-Retail Series T8 Tube-Premium Series FEATURES Integrated LED driver. Easy installtion, direct retrofit for conventional fluorescent tube. Energy saving, consume 60% less energy than conventional fluorescent tube. Aluminium body and non-flammable PC material, excellent heat sink performance. Long … more »

  • Long Life Span

    Up To 50,000 Hours 1pc of Hibikii LED ≈ 15pcs of halogen
  • C.O.L.D Technology

    Compound of ommatidia light distribution Brighter & even light dispersion
  • Easy Installation

    Compatible with all existing base & fixtures
  • Cool Operating Temperature

    Hibikii LED generate 50% less hea compared to halogen bulbs.(Your Aircond compressor works less)
  • Return of Investment

    Additional investment amount spent on LED & enjoy fast return of investment (Average 12 months - 15 months)
  • No Flickering / No Glaring

  • Quality LED Chip

    Hibikii adopts world's leading LED chips, includes: CREE, Osram, Bridgelux, Lexstar & etc.
  • Guarantee After Sales Support

    Customer satisfaction is one of our top priority. Hibikii guarantees After Sales Support will be provided as soon as possible, whenever customer needs it.
  • Warranty

    Guarantee products free from defects in material & workmanship.
  • Very Low Power Consumption

    Save 50%~90% electricity power consumption compares to conventional tubes or bulbs.
  • CE Approved

    Comply with European Directives regarding consumer Safety, health or environmental requirements.
Hibikii LED