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How to save Laundry utility bills?

If you are looking for ways to be green and save on your utility bills, start with a tour of your laundry room. Here are few simple tips to consider that can help you save:

Do less laundry. Combined, a washer and dryer can account for more than 1,000 kilowatts of energy use each year. Obviously some things (socks, underwear) need to be washed more often, but things like sweaters do not need to be washed every time. Try wearing sweatshirts and sweaters over a t-shirt or tank top and changing (and washing) only the innermost layer. You can save water, energy, time and also extend the life of your clothes.

Clean with cold. Studies show that clothes rinsed in cold water come out just as clean as those rinsed in warm—so go cold!

Use a front-loading washing machine. Front-loading washing machines use about 40 percent less water per load and 50 percent less energy than top-loading washers. If you are in the market for new machines, consider an ENERGY STAR© rated front-loader.

Try not to over-drying your clothes. Consider using the automatic sensor control on your machine, or experiment with your dryer’s timer to determine how long it takes to dry a typical load – and then reduce or increase the drying time for different load sizes. If you time the drying of loads to be consecutively, you will take advantage of retained heat in the dryer (especially in colder climates in the winter months).

Use a clothesline or rack. Weather permitting, hang your clothes outside on a clothesline to dry. For those colder months or if you live in an apartment or condo, try using a drying rack—they do not take up much space (can be stored away when not in use) and can help save money on your energy bill.

Until next time…keep making smart choices!